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What people say

“It was great, everyone was very welcoming”

“It was all a bit daunting at first but I got used to it quickly and everyone was very nice and welcoming. Troy was my favorite trainer, I got along well with him and learned a lot as well as had a few laughs with him! I thought the course would drag but the days flew by and although it was difficult it set me up for the teaching job I have now. Teaching is still hard work but with all the tips and ideas from the course it's very rewarding.”
Callan O'Grady
April 2018 course

“This is not just airy fairy teaching!”

“The realities of teaching English are completely different to my expectations. This was a crash course in proper teaching, not just airy fairy teaching! I liked the classroom sessions, especially the ones taught by Tony who had a very natural teaching style. I also enjoyed the field trips, where you get to go out and see how it's really done which is nice because it quells your fears and serves as a good reality check for what you're getting yourself into with teaching.”
March 2018 course

“Being at the front of a classroom isn't as scary as you'd think it would be. I can do this!”

“I found out about the Chichester course after noticing the high number of employers in Thailand accepting the Chichester College TEFL certificate. The principal trainer, Steve, has a great philosophy for teaching and for life in general. The best part of the course was doing the rural lesson. Being at the front of a classroom isn't as scary as you'd think it would be. It wasn't long before I realized that I really can do this!”
February 2018 course

“I knew it was going to be hard, but it really does get easier as it goes on!”

“The thing I liked about Chichester was that they don't just accept anyone. They make sure that people are suitable for the course which I think is important. I didn't have much of a teaching background before taking the course but it was something I have always wanted to try, having visited Thailand frequently over the last 8 years.”
Simon Pitt
January 2018 course

“Work and travel at the same time!”

“If you're from the UK and you've just finished uni, there's a good chance that you're going to go to Thailand. Taking the TEFL course in Thailand is the best way to get straight into a job and still be able to travel. You learn how to be discerning when looking for work so you're not duped into taking the first job that comes along.”
Josh and Anna
November 2017 course

“Great communication, good honest answers”

“My experience during the sign-up process was great. The Chichester representative communicated well and gave very honest answers. During the course I particularly enjoyed the evening teaching practice sessions and the temple school visit. It was an awesome feeling putting to use what we learned in class!”
Henry Moyers
September 2017 course

“A great course that lead straight to an amazing job!”

“I came here for a reset of life and to find new opportunities. I took the Chichester TEFL course on the recommendations of relatives who had taken it in the past. The course itself was made enjoyable by the excellent trainers and Chichester made good on their word in helping me to find a great job here in Bangkok!”
Haydn Oosthuis
August 2017 course

“I'm really happy that I chose this course”

“I really enjoyed the practical teaching side of this course as well as meeting new people and learning a new skill. The course is set up in a way that there's not really much difficulty but if there is then there are always people on hand to help. The field trips were great and it was very interesting to see how foreign English teachers work with the Thai teachers at schools.”
Jessica Wiseman
July 2017 course

“The staff helped us out a lot”

“It's a very challenging course but the challenges are mitigated by the trainers who help us out a lot. There are a lot of instructors -- so we got to see different learning styles -- and all of the instructors were very friendly and very helpful. Everyone coming out of the course feels very well prepared to start their first job.”
Jeff Blankenship
July 2017 course

“Easier than what I had planned for”

“I found out about teaching in Thailand from friends who had previously taken the TEFL course and were successful at it. I found the course easier than I had planned for; the course was broken into steps and once we'd learned one step and achieved from there on out it was very easy.”
May 2017 course

“Very friendly, helpful and hospitable staff”

“The first day felt overwhelming and first but the staff made us feel welcome. You get very comfortable very quickly. Thai students are very clever and they really seem to love us being here in Thailand. We've made so many friends and met so many amazing people through the TEFL course.”
Kylie and Layla
March 2017 course

“A fun experience, not as scary as we thought!”

“We came together because it felt safer but we now see that we had nothing to worry about as it's very safe here and the people are so friendly. The course is intensive but you get used to it. Being a teacher seems like it's really easy but it is really not. It is exciting, though! Being in a foreign country and meeting new people is really great.”
Candi & Shay
February 2017 course

“Very well structured and organised”

“We thought that it would be really easy to be a teacher, but there's a lot of technical stuff that you have to bare in mind. The course definitely helps with this side of things. It's also very well structured and organised as you work through the course modules. The kids on the field trips were adorable and the teachers we met were very friendly.”
Calvin & Jana
February 2017 course

“Everyone is passionate about teaching”

“I enjoyed going on the excursions and seeing just how great the childrens' desire to learn English really is. The course was challenging but it went very well. Everyone that I worked with was passionate about teaching and helping me to do my best.”
John Tyler
January 2017 course

“Just what I wanted, just what I needed!”

“There was a lot of opportunity to practice the techniques that we learned in class when we went on the field trips. It was very productive to learn from the other people on the course. I learned lots from the course trainers who were very encouraging and very professional.”
Dayana Vargas
January 2017 course

“We were bored of our office jobs, now the rest is history!”

“Our favorite part of the course was the field trips: being able to go to schools during the course and get hands-on experience. Learning a chunk at the training centre and then being able to go out and implement it in a real teaching situation the next day was a lot of fun. The people in Thailand are super-friendly and the city is wonderful too.”
Daniel and Jamie
January 2017 course

“The staff were fantastic!”

“The 4 weeks were intensive but always enjoyable and gave me the confidence to deliver effective lessons. The classroom exercises and field trips added to the education and enjoyment with many funny moments to remember. Not all work !!! I'm delighted to recommend Chichester College Bangkok to anyone looking for an enjoyable teaching experience.”
Garry Burnett
November 2016 course

“Definitely helped me build confidence in the classroom”

“Being so young is this field can be quite scary. This course definitely helped me build confidence in the classroom. There were plenty of opportunities to practice and the trainers were very supportive throughout the entire month. I learned so many helpful skills that will be useful while teaching in a foreign country. Not only did I gain confidence and techniques, but also some wonderful friends.”
Selene Force
November 2016 course

“Learning from the best”

“I’m very happy I chose Chichester College for my TEFL education. As an accredited UK College offering a certified college level course, they expect college level participation from their students. There is no “phoning it in” in this class. The instructors are some of the best I have ever had. Great lectures, always available, and truly caring for their students' success. Our excursions/field trips were very interesting and eye opening.”
Keith Mueller
October 2016 course

“Prepares you to make the right mistakes.”

“Chichester's TEFL course is short, intense and completely essential. You cannot become a successful teacher without first making many mistakes, but Chichester's prepares you to make the right mistakes and to learn from them as well.”
Josh Robertson
June 2016 course

“Life changing in every way”

“The course gave me opportunities to work in both Thailand and now also Vietnam. The course was excellent preparation. I have to say that it was very emotional leaving my students in Thailand. They were very special and I am so grateful that I had the chance to teach the kids and be part of the community.”
Michele Aherne
October 2014 course

“A fantastic start for a career in ESL teaching!”

“Having come into the world of ESL without any prior teaching experience, I'm amazed at how much more prepared and confident I feel to take on my first teaching role after completing the Chichester TEFL course. The field trips are an excellent way to get a real view of what teaching in Thailand is like, culminating in the final trip which gives you the chance to consolidate and put into practice everything you've learnt over the previous 4 weeks.”
Matt Dawson
October 2014 course

“The start of a new chapter”

“Our time studying the Chichester College TEFL in Bangkok could not have prepared us better for teaching abroad. As a couple not knowing what to expect, the hands on training and professional guidance we received, helped pave the road to a successful and rewarding teaching experience.”
Keith Dickson / Laura Brits
April 2013 course