Don't just take our word for it.

What people say

“Work and travel at the same time!”

“If you're from the UK and you've just finished uni, there's a good chance that you're going to go to Thailand. Taking the TEFL course in Thailand is the best way to get straight into a job and still be able to travel. You learn how to be discerning when looking for work so you're not duped into taking the first job that comes along.”
Josh and Anna

“The staff helped us out a lot”

“It's a very challenging course but the challenges are mitigated by the trainers who help us out a lot. There are a lot of instructors -- so we got to see different learning styles -- and all of the instructors were very friendly and very helpful. Everyone coming out of the course feels very well prepared to start their first job.”
Jeff Blankenship

“A fun experience, not as scary as we thought!”

“We came together because it felt safer but we now see that we had nothing to worry about as it's very safe here and the people are so friendly. The course is intensive but you get used to it. Being a teacher seems like it's really easy but it is really not. It is exciting, though! Being in a foreign country and meeting new people is really great.”
Candi & Shay

“Great communication, good honest answers”

“My experience during the sign-up process was great. The Chichester representative communicated well and gave very honest answers. During the course I particularly enjoyed the evening teaching practice sessions and the temple school visit. It was an awesome feeling putting to use what we learned in class!”
Henry Moyers

“Just what I wanted, just what I needed!”

“There was a lot of opportunity to practice the techniques that we learned in class when we went on the field trips. It was very productive to learn from the other people on the course. I learned lots from the course trainers who were very encouraging and very professional.”
Dayana Vargas

“Prepares you to make the right mistakes.”

“Chichester's TEFL course is short, intense and completely essential. You cannot become a successful teacher without first making many mistakes, but Chichester's prepares you to make the right mistakes and to learn from them as well.”
Josh Robertson