Teaching Practice

Putting your new-found skills to the test.

The ways you can teach, the ways they will learn

Over the course, you will practice teaching under supervision of the tutors. These practical teaching sessions are invaluable to your training as a teacher and give you the opportunity to get feedback on your teaching from the tutor and try your hand at a variety of different styles and approaches to teaching. There are four different kinds of teaching practice opportunities you will have over the course from teaching groups of professional adults to very young learners.

Peer teaching

You will be required to teach four separate sessions to your classmates each of which is designed to have you demonstrate mastery over a specific teaching method covered in the course. Although your classmates are not language learners, this opportunity to teach them provides you with a safe, relatively stress free environment to try your hand at the basics of teaching practice that you will be expected to have mastered once you finish the course. For each of these peer teaching sessions, your peers and the tutor will provide you with feedback on how to develop your teaching repertoire.

Group Teaching

Local office workers in the immediate vicinity of the training centre are offered classes at a nominal fee in the evenings after work. These classes will give you a great opportunity to practice your teaching on real learners in a typical learning environment. The learners are aware that the teachers are trainees under observation of the tutor, and are happy to enjoy the lessons as you grow as a teacher. Over the duration of the course, you will teach at least six of these lessons, scheduled in the evenings between 5pm-8pm. Support with planning and execution of these lessons will be provided by the tutor, and after each lesson you'll have the opportunity to reflect and discuss both general and specific aspects of the lesson with your supervising tutor.

One-to-one Lesson

Some time during the course you will be allocated a student who you will have to teach individually. This lesson is not observed or supervised, and you will be expected to make personal reflections on the success of this lesson based on your experience. In many cases, teachers in Asia are able to supplement their income with one-to-one lessons such as these, and this lesson will introduce you to the rewards and possible pitfalls of this kind of teaching.

Online lesson

There is a growing market for teachers who are comfortable with teaching online. As part of the teaching practice component, you'll have the opportunity to try it out, and get to know the challenges and rewards of teaching a student remotely. Your student for this task will not be based in Thailand, and you'll teach him or her online. Many of the techniques needed in classroom teaching are relevant, but you'll find that the technological barrier demands some new skills too. Confidence with online teaching opens up the world of opportunities: you can earn a steady income irrespective of where you are in the world!

Rural school

At the end of course, we visit a rural school in an impoverished region of the country. These children, typically young learners, love learning English and enjoy the time you spend with them. For this visit, you will teach two lessons in the school which simulate as closely as possible a teacher's first day on the job. This excursion to the rural school will give you valuable experience in working with young learners and provide a meaningful contribution to the community at the same time.

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