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As a graduate of the Chichester College TEFL course, we guarantee that you will secure a teaching position. Chichester College Thailand is very well respected by schools in the region, and there are many schools who are so impressed with the quality of the teachers from Chichester College that they prefer hiring our graduates.

Since the commencement of the Chichester College TEFL course in 2001, we have built up excellent connections with educational institutions in Thailand and elsewhere in Asia who have positions that you can choose from. As part of our placement programme, we do not simply allocate a teaching post to you once the course is complete, but rather allow you to choose from the available positions one that best to matches your preference. We also believe that teachers are only successful in schools where they are happy. For this reason, we work together with you to find a teaching post where you are likely to thrive.

The process of selecting your future teaching post begins during the second week of the course. At this point, you’ll meet the lead trainer to go through the process of deciding what jobs are available to you, and which might suit you best. In this meeting, you’ll be asked to decide on your pathway; where you would prefer to work, and what age-group will likely to suit your personality and teaching style. Every teacher is different, and the needs of the schools looking for teachers are different too, so we need to carefully match you with your prospective classroom. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry, the trainers will have feedback for you on what may be most appropriate given your temperament, interests and personality.

In the final week of the course, the job application process will begin. Having chosen your preferred pathway, you’ll have a number of schools to choose between. The trainers will guide you with your resume, lead you through the interview process, and help you decide on which school’s offer is most attractive.

Not all teachers accept the positions that are offered through Chichester College, and if you have definite plans for an alternative pathway, the trainers will be available to help you in whatever way they can to help you get ready for your new career. Some teachers finishing the course choose to take a break before heading into the classroom. That’s no problem – the job placement service is not a one-time service, and you will be welcome at any time as a Chichester College graduate to get help securing your dream teaching job.

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We are located just 4 minutes by foot from the MRT Suthisan underground (subway) train station.

You are welcome to drop by any time, but please email us using the contact form to make an appointment if you'd like to talk to a trainer.