Field Trips

Observe other teachers at work and give it a go yourself.


An important part of any teacher training course is a healthy practical element. The field trips give you an opportunity to see the theories of teaching in practice in real educational settings. As such, they form an integral part of the course.

Teaching English offers a dazzling array of options to qualified teachers. Over the course, we will visit three different kinds of school. Depending on the term scheduling, we may see teachers at work in kindergartens, schools, universities or companies where classes are taking place. Not only will you get the opportunity to see what teachers do in their jobs, but also meet students in a real classroom setting, and get an invaluable look into the teaching possibilities that will suit your personal style.

Each field trip focuses on a particular kind of teaching experience and is accompanied by a task relating to the teaching styles and methods involved. The full cost of these field trips is included in the course fees.

Kindergarten Field Trip

On this field trip, you will visit a school catering for very young learners where children from 3 to 6 years old are learning the essentials of communication and literacy, gross and fine motor skills and basic hygiene. As part of their curriculum, these Thai children study English as a foreign language with a native English speaking teacher.

Watch how the teacher works with these very young learners, engages them in activities that activate their curiosity and uses techniques that children respond to as part of their natural instincts to learn. You may feel that teaching such young learners is not possible or desirable, but once you've seen the lesson and experienced this type of setting, you may come away with insights into this fun, active and vibrant world.

Primary School Field Trip

Here we visit a primary school in which students study English as a foreign language. These children, aged between 6 and 12 years of age, study with native English teachers as part of their weekly schedule of classes. Working with primary school children demands patience and good classroom management, but it can be extremely rewarding.

On this field trip you will see how the teachers work with the children, how they structure their lessons and how they make sure the students remain engaged in the lesson through communication activities. This field trip will also give you a good idea of how primary education is structured and how foreign language learning fits into these young learners' lives. With so much growth in this particular market in teaching English, many teachers find that this is the perfect fit for their future career as teachers.

High School Field Trip

This visit to a government school will give you an insight into the difficulties and rewards of working with adolescents. Teenagers pose a specific motivational challenge to teachers, but are also going through an immense growth period and have a great deal of energy and vitality for the subjects and topics that interest them. This field trip will give you the opportunity to sit in on a few classes with students at different stages in their development and see some of the material that works to keep such students motivated. This is also a good opportunity to see a government school's facilities and the typical working day of a high school teacher in Thailand.

University Field Trip

Students at tertiary level are often very aware of the importance of English for their careers and are highly motivated to develop their language skills. At this university, you will have the chance to watch a teacher working in a typical university language classroom, work with some of the students yourself and get some exposure to this kind of teaching environment.

Universities spend a great deal of time and resources on giving students opportunities to learn independently, so you can inspect some of the latest advances in language learning theory, and decide for yourself if technology will ever be able to replace the teacher.

Working Adults Field Trip

Teaching adult learners in the workplace is a rare privilege. These students can be demanding and critical, but are often motivated and driven. On this field trip, you will watch a teacher teaching a group of students in their working environment. We will go to their place of employment, and see how the teacher plans the lesson specifically around their working needs. You will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to a teacher working in this environment and find out how this type of work is structured in Asia.

Language School Field Trip

Many teachers abroad supplement their income working at language schools which focus on the needs of after-work or weekend learners. On this field trip we will visit a language school which offers a variety of language choices to students who are studying for their own specific needs. As these students are studying for a variety of purposes and with many different motivations the classes and setting differs from that of a typical school environment. On this field trip, you'll be involved in the lessons yourself, and get a chance to experience the world of foreign language learning first hand.

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