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Buddhist temples are among the most peaceful places on earth. Even temples in the city often have large compounds that are bordered by water, and graced with aging trees.It's for this reason that these temples are synonymous with meditation. Yet for all their quietude, Buddhist temples in Thailand are a hive of activity. They serve as a community service centre,catering to the needs of the elderly and indigent. The numerous buildings in the temple complex serve as schools, retreat, religious centre, family emergency crisis centre, and of course for weddings and funerals. There is no better way to get to know the Thai way than by spending some time at the heart of the Thai community.

Teaching in temples is not simply a matter of working with ordained monks. Because the temple serves its community, many community members find their way into the temples,and all the temple services are open to the public. In addition to the monks, English students in the temple may include widows, nuns,orphans, and underprivileged but ambitious young adults hoping for a big break. It's both fun and hugely satisfying.

Temples are often not in a position to pay a fixed salary to teachers, but may be able to afford a stipend depending on the donations received. Often, however, the temple monks are pleased to share their knowledge of the Lord Buddha's teachings,and work with voluntary teachers to reach enlightenment through meditation. You would be welcomed into the community, and can participate in the activities of the temple, fasting, celebrating and observing rituals with the Thais.

It is understood that such an arrangement is unsustainable for long periods of time, and so temples accept teachers for any length of time, on condition that temple rules are upheld and behavior conforms to acceptable standards.

With your Chichester College TEFL certificate, you may wish to explore your teaching repertoire as a temple teacher in a beautiful rural temple in the riverside town of Saraburi. Only three hours from Bangkok, but in the heart of the rice-farming district of central Thailand, this temple has welcomed graduates from Chichester College in the past. It has a dedicated meditation programme in which volunteer teachers can learn Buddhist mysticism. Accommodation and food is provided, and a monthly stipend may be available at the discretion of the temple Abbott.

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