Opportunities beyond the boundaries of Thailand.

Thailand: The TEFL hub of Asia

A Chichester College TEFL certificate doesn't only guarantee English language teaching posts in Thailand. Qualified teachers are in demand across the globe. Chichester College TEFL graduates can be found teaching English in Egypt, Slovakia, Brazil and even in Australia and the UK. Upon finishing the course in Bangkok, you will have the chance to consider positions in the following Asian countries:


After a tumultuous civil war, Cambodia is going through unprecedented economic growth and development. As the government struggles to keep up with demand, there has been incredible growth in the number of international kindergartens, schools and universities. The term 'international' is applied loosely in Cambodia to institutions offering their courses in English. With this growth has come a concomitant increase in the demand for qualified language teachers. There are a number of schools waiting for you to head over to experience a warm, friendly and welcoming professional life in Cambodia.

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. A magnet for the ambitious younger Cambodian, Phnom Penh is lively and fast becoming a creative hub. You'll find the students here hard-working and curious, quick to identify a purpose to which a lesson may be used, and eager to make friends with their international teachers. Choose from positions in kindergarten, primary, or secondary school, or head for an academic life in one of the numerous new universities that offer international programs. In the evenings, relax at the excellent French restaurants along the Mekong river, or explore the narrow alleys of the old French district now famous for its arts scene. Chichester College graduates are guaranteed teaching posts in Phnom Penh, so explore this as a very real opportunity for your first teaching post.

Siem Reap is a much smaller city, but is home to the incredible Angkor Wat and surrounding temple complex. With the huge volume in tourists to the temples, Siem Reap can cater to all international needs, and yet keeps its unique small-town Asian feel. Because it's so much smaller than Phnom Penh, teaching positions here are more limited, but you will find posts in kindergarten and primary schools, and also in the language schools. A number of Chichester College graduates have found their home here, and you'll find yourself welcomed and well-respected.


A popular option in Asia, Vietnam is an exciting destination in itself. The magnificent interior mountain-jungle landscapes contrast with the aquamarine sea and long unbroken beaches. And add to that some of the most delicious Asian cuisine, and a truly fascinating cultural heritage, make for an unforgettable experience. As a graduate of the Chichester College TEFL course, you can choose from teaching positions in two locations.

Hanoi, the administrative capital of Vietnam, and the country's second largest city, is a cultural delight. The city is dotted with beautiful parks, ancient temples, crumbling French architecture, and roadside eateries. In the years following the civil war, Hanoi has been beautifully restored, and modern Vietnamese have started a truly passionate love-affair with English. Teaching positions here are with kindergarten, primary and lower secondary level students, and supplementary teaching in language centres is available to supplement your income. Like Siem Reap, Hanoi has attracted a number of Chichester College graduates, and you'll find that your certification will open doors for you in this growing educational centre.

In the south of Vietnam is the rich and fertile Mekong delta. The population here engage in the age-old traditions of rice farming and fishing, but younger Vietnamese have their eye on on technological developments which will move the country into the future. Teaching positions are available for Chichester College graduates at a large and prestigious public university in the school of languages.


After years of reclusive paranoia, Myanmar has finally opened its doors and is now one of South East Asia's most exciting teaching destinations. Schools here are still far behind in terms of facilities, the students are eager to please their foreign teachers. This is a big country, and there's lots to do and see here, so plan to stay for a while! If you choose to experience Burma, a Chichester College TEFL certificate is going to be a real asset. We have schools who will be pleased to hear from you.

Yangon is the old British colonial seat, and the influence of the British governance can be seen everywhere. Stroll along the riverside in the shadow of the old administrative buildings, or through the parks and lakes in the beautifully designed suburban areas. School teaching posts here are still limited to NGOs and charities, but a number of elite private schools with budgets for foreign teachers have now been established.

Mandalay, the old royal capital, is further north, in the dry plains. Built on a strict grid pattern, the city is easy to navigate and full of surprising details. For teachers with a real zest for adventure, a teaching position in Mandalay opens up a world of exploration in Myanmar's exciting northern jungles, Inle Lake and the famous Bagan temple complex.


With over 18,000 tropical islands, Indonesia has whatever the heart yearns for. Whether it's the hustle and bustle of Bali, or the epic peace of Ambon, there is an island for everyone. A population of nearly 250 million, and a literacy rate of over 95% means that schools and education are an integral part of Indonesian life.

Graduates from Chichester College will find themselves with positions to choose from in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi and some of the Lesser Sunda islands. In all, you'll be part of the language school programmes that students enrol in after their saily full-time school schedules. Expect to work afternoons and evenings and have the mornings to go hiking, scuba diving or start mastering the art of rice farming!


English language teaching in Taiwan has a long and successful heritage. The country is full of language schools of all sizes, and English is widely taught at universities and in the mainstream school system. Remuneration is attractive, and schools compete for good teachers. Taiwan offers a fun and modern lifestyle, and with an ambitious, well-travelled and upwardly mobile student population. While there are teaching positions all the way around Taiwan, a good starting point is to consider entry points at the most northern and southern urban centres: cosmopolitan Taipei, and vibrant Kaohsiung.

Irrespective of where you wish to locate yourself, a crucial decision facing you if you head to Taiwan is what sort of school you want to work in. One option are the ubiquitous but casual buxibans, or cram schools, which pander to the Chinese belief in success in education. Children are pushed hard, and study for most of their waking lives. Working in these schools means short and flexible contracts, and contact with ambitious, if tired, students. For a more stable and long-term proposition, mainstream public and private kindergarten and schools offer relatively generous packages to well-qualified teachers. Posts are also often available in colleges and universities for teachers with tertiary qualifications.

Taiwan is a great choice – the people are friendly, there is a buzzing social and cultural scene, the people are friendly and the infrastructure is solid. It must be noted, however, that Taiwan has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, which has put a great deal of pressure on the school system to streamline classrooms and curricula. While positions are definitely available, a decision to head to Taiwan should be well-researched and explored. The Chichester College TEFL trainers will help you make the right decision and get in touch with the right people.

Hong Kong

This city needs little introduction. With its controversial colonial history, Hong Kong bristles with relics of its British past, and English is widely spoken. However, as it moves into closer ties with China, many Hong Kong families are concerned for the longevity of the English skills in the young generation. Language tuition centres focusing on English language skills in young learners offer generous salaries and pleasant working conditions in one of Asia's most modern cities. With your certificate in TEFL from Chichester College, you will be welcomed into the team of over 40 teachers – make friends, and use this as an opportunity to explore the real far-east!


It is no secret that China has a voracious appetite for teachers. With its sprawling cities and young population, teachers are in need – both foreign and Chinese. Chichester College has teamed up with two well-established and reputable institutions in China to ensure that if you choose China, your experience of English teaching will be positive and rewarding. Positions are available for graduates of the Chichester College TEFL course, and a variety of teaching positions can be chosen.

In Shanghai and its surrounds, work with young learners in small groups. This highly successful chain of schools is owned and managed by an American team under the Disney banner.

Alternatively, choose Zhengzhao in the central-east in secondary schools and universities. Position here include accommodation on the school campus. On your days off, explore the region's rich cultural heritage, visit a Shaolin temple, or hike along the scenic Yellow River.

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