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You like city life? Well, Thailand has a lot to offer! Once you've finished the course, you'll have the opportunity to choose from jobs in any one of Thailand's urban hotspots.

Bangkok and surrounds

First, there's Thailand's exciting metropolis, Bangkok. What a city! Currently, it is the world's most visited city, and rated by Time as Asia's top Asian destination – and not for nothing. Bangkok bristles with bustling restaurants, exciting entertainment and cultural delights. This is why Chichester College's TEFL centre is here.

While Bangkok is convenient and a lot of fun, it can also be intense. But it also has its quiet side. The leafy suburban areas outside of the famous tourist centres are a pleasure to live in. Bangkok's neighboring centres like Patum Thani, Nontaburi and Samut Songkran are peaceful but still close to the action. From any of these, getting into the city is easy, and so is slipping out into Thailand's tropical countryside to visit a beach, a national park or a mountainside resort. Accommodation is reasonably priced, and transportation networks are well organized.

With over a million students registered in state institutions in and around Bangkok, from pre-schools to post-graduate institutions, there is a real demand for qualified teachers. With your Chichester College TEFL certification, you'll be able to choose from teaching positions in kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and universities. There are positions in government and private schools, in bilingual programs and international programs. There are part-time positions in language schools or tuition centres, and there is the option of volunteering in non-government organizations. In Thailand's capital, it's all available, and these schools need properly qualified English language teachers.

Not all the excitement is in Bangkok, however. If you like the city, but need an experience closer to the heart of the Thai spirit, your Chichester College TEFL certificate opens up options in Thailand's smaller urban centres, which may be what you are looking for.

The north

The capital of the north of Thailand is Chiang Mai, Thailand's fourth largest city. With a population of less than a million people, this jewel of the north is a scenic city nestled in green and hilly coolness, and has been a magnet for many foreign expatriates for many years. Here, you get to explore some of Thailand's most fascinating history, and still get to see some of the country's most interesting minority cultures.

Like Bangkok, Chiang Mai is home to the full gamut of teaching opportunities for qualified teachers. Here, find work in government or private primary or secondary schools, or in private kindergartens. There are also positions for teachers in the language departments in the colleges and universities dotted around this beautiful city. One particularly pleasant benefit of working in this northern capital is that you will inevitably get the opportunity to work from time to time in the educational communities surrounding the city, some deep in the mountainside jungles.

The north-east

The north-east of Thailand is arguably the most colorful and interesting of all of Thailand's areas. The region is locally known as Isan, and has traditionally been the poorest of Thailand's regions. However, it is filled with the friendliest faces, and a healthy love for learning English from foreign teachers. Here, in the drier geography at the crossroads of the Laos, Khmer and Thai cultures, the pace is slower, respect for the land lingers, and the importance of personal relationships between people still holds true.

There are four major urban centres here for you to choose from once you have your Chichester College TEFL qualification: Udon Thani, near the border with Laos; Ubon Ratchatani, nestled near the fertile meeting-point of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos; Kon Kaen, right in the heart of Isan, and Korat (or Nakon Ratchasima to be strictly correct), which the gateway into Isan on the road from Bangkok. Each city holds its close cultural ties to Thai traditions, but offers many of the modern amenities one might expect – great restaurants, fascinating historical monuments (including the amazing Dinosaur Park in Kon Kaen, a well-established dinosaur fossil area).

Education is well-established in each of these cities. With your TEFL certificate, jobs in government primary and secondary school are available, as well as posts in private bilingual schools. There are over 40 tertiary colleges and universities in Isan, all of which have active language departments. In Udon Thani and Ubon Ratchatani, you'll also find excellent opportunities for work in smaller tuition centres for the regions more wealthy families.

With your Chichester College TEFL certificate, a world of opportunity is available to you in Thailand's north-east!

The south

If you are a beach and sand person, taking your Chichester College TEFL certificate to the famous southern cities of Thailand might be just what you want. The south of Thailand is more often associated with tourism than teaching, but residents of these busy centres of tourism are under pressure to be proficient in English, and so many teaching posts are waiting to be filled.

Probably the most famous option is the island of Phuket. While the beach areas are a buzz of hotels and guesthouses, the old city of Phuket still has close ties to traditional Thai culture, and amidst all the glitter are hard-working students at all levels: kindergarten, primary, secondary and college level. Most employers here are the private schools. Here, live the best of both worlds – the pleasure and of working with the polite and friendly Thai students, alongside some of the world's most exciting tourist destinations. With your qualification in TEFL, there are potentially positions here for you.

For a more authentic Thai experience, Hat Yai may be what you are looking for. Located in the southern reaches of Thailand, Hat Yai is attracts a lucrative border trade with Malaysia, and has a busy entrepreneurial spirit. Close to beaches and mountains, teachers in Hat Yai are spoiled for choice in filling their free time. Thailand's fifth largest urban centre, Hat Yai boasts an impressive swathe of schools and colleges, including three international schools. In fact, the Prince of Songkla Univesrity in Hat Yai the oldest and largest university in southern Thailand, and is one of the country's top universities. As a qualified teacher, choose from teaching posts in government and private kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

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