A bite to eat, a few t-shirts, a puppy? Head to the market.

There's a market for that

It's actually possible to live in Thailand for years without ever setting foot into a supermarket or a shopping mall. It doesn't matter whether you want to buy a snack, do grocery shopping, buy electronics, clothes, home decor or even a pet, there's a market that will suit you needs.

Muang Thai Market

This is our market. It's first in this list simply because it's 30 seconds around the corner from the training centre. It's very local and not something that you'd find in the Lonely Planet guide, but it's a very good place to have your first Thai market experience.

Being close to a number of office buildings, the main purpose of this market is to sell ready-made meals at low prices for office staff as well as to provide them with a little retail therapy on their lunch breaks, by way of clothing and other nik-naks. There's always a guy selling freshly-cut fruit and there are also a few stalls preparing popular food items to order too.

The Train Market

Two MRT stations down the road from the Chichester TEFL centre or, if you fancy it, a 25-minute walk, and you'll arrive at the Train Market, which is hidden behind the Esplanade shopping mall.

This is actually a scaled-down version of the original Train Market on the other side of Bangkok. For the full experience you should definitely head over there to take a look, but at the same time, this 'little brother' to the original Train Market is quite impressive too.

You'll find all of the usual market stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, trinkets) but in keeping with it's oldy-worldy style, the Train Market also hosts an impressive array of antique and replica antique stalls.

Jatujak (or 'JJ' if you're cool)

Jatujak is by far the largest and best known market in the entire world, and it just happens to be 4 MRT stations away from the Chichester College TEFL centre.

The sheer size and layout of Jatujak make it one of those "love it or hate it" kind of places. It's set out in zones, though, which means that if you want to buy some incense sticks, a painting, some shoes, a snake or a potted plant then you can head towards the relevant zone and choose from what is usually 20-30 different vendors selling roughly the same things. Needless to say, this puts you in a good position to haggle as each vendor vies for your business.

The photo above can be thought of as a pit stop within the market. You could easily spend a day at Jatujak and only cover half of it, so refreshment stands like this and other stalls offering more substantial things are dotted throughout.

JJ Green Market

Situated close to to the main Jatujak market is the "JJ Green" night market which is open Thursday to Sunday from 6pm until just after midnight. JJ Green is a mixture of trendy market stalls selling cute and unusual things and also has a great selection of bars and restaurants with reasonable out-of-town prices.

Khlong Toei Market

Yes, you can buy pre-packed chicken from the supermarket, or you can even have someone cook it to your liking for a few extra Baht, but where's the fun in that?

Khlong Toei is where a lot of the smaller restaurants buy their supplies from, but whether you're buying 3 mangoes or a tuk-tuk full of durians, you'll be greeted with a friendly smile by the traders.

Just head south down the MRT for 7 stations to get to Khlong Toei Market from the Chichester training centre. The market is so famous that they named the MRT station after it (or, rather, the area it's in).

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