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Try something different, each day that you study!

To understand food is to understand Thailand

Within the complex that houses the Chichester College Training Neighbourhood, you'll find several independent coffee shops as well as many different Thai and Japanese restaurants, vegetarian snacks, a smoothie bar and even a bakery. Within 2 minutes walking-distance of the complex there is a also a very good restaurant serving western favourites in large portions at great prices.

If you're feeling adventurous, walk around the corner and you'll find a host of open-air stalls selling everything from fresh fruit to spicy curries and a range of different desserts and drinks. You'll quickly find that the only problem with food in Thailand is that it's always so cheap and so easy to find, so enjoy!

So, without further ado, let's take a look at what's available in the immediate vicinity of the training centre neighbourhood...

Noodles & Coffee

Popular with young local office workers on a budget, these two little shops — which are right next-door to the Chichester training centre — can give you a full lunch and a proper coffee and a pastry or cake to top it off for just over 100 Baht!

Or, another kind of coffee!

If you're missing some of the tastes of the west and you don't mind paying the western price, you will be pleased to know that there is a cute little branch of Starbucks literally 30 seconds away from the training centre (20 after an espresso!) which you can seek refuge in whenever you like. If you don't like the Foon Kam Jai place and you don't like Starbucks either, there's also a large True Coffee shop 5 seconds away from Starbucks which is also very good. 

In short, you'll never be far from coffee.

The Muangthai Canteen

The first thing that you will notice here is that there is no English translation for the items on the menu board here; welcome to life away from the tourist trail.

Don't panic! The system is very simple: Choose rice + 1 topping for 27 Baht or rice + 2 toppings for 32 Baht.

What's a topping? Well, it could be a bit of curry, some stir-fried meat or even a portion of mixed vegetables. Just point what you want and the server will pile it onto a plate of steamed rice for you. Don't be afraid to experiment by mixing different things together; there is no such thing as the wrong combination!

The Famous Fruit & Veg Juice Guy

Otherwise known to Chichester TEFL students as “The Life Saver,” on hot days. One bottle of 100% pure juice for 30 Baht! Amazing value considering you can choose as many varieties as you wish. The celery, beetroot, pineapple and carrot come highly recommended.

Time out!

For those times when it's all getting a little bit too much and you just want to walk around a nice air-conditioned super market, eat a deli sandwich, a Big Mac, or just relax, head out of the training centre, over the foot bridge and this little row of fine establishments will see to your needs.

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