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The training centre and it's immediate surroundings

Making yourself at home

Aside from finding a place to stay, which we have covered in the accommodation options section, you will find that there are a number of other exciting challenges waiting to greet you as you make yourself a part of the Thai way of life.

Although English is widely understood in the tourist-circuit, you will often find yourself in areas of Bangkok where you'll find a few Thai phrases easier than sign language when you want to buy a bottle of water or a bag of freshly cut tropical fruit. As the latest addition to Bangkok's melting-pot of diversity, you will quickly pick up these phrases and just a few short weeks later, you will be able to impress new arrivals with your ability to say a few short words at a roadside food-stall and, 5 minutes later, be enjoying a huge meal for less than 50 Baht!

You will never be alone. In Thailand, people are everywhere and the Thai people — world renowned for their hospitality — are always eager to help a foreigner to integrate into their culture.

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Finding us

Chichester College Thailand
1st (Ground) Floor
Muangthai Phatra Complex
252/193 Ratchadaphisek Road
Huay Kwang
Bangkok 10310

Phone: 02-107-2042

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Monday-Friday: 8am - 8pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Sunday: closed

Map and directions in Thai!

We are located just 4 minutes by foot from the MRT Suthisan underground (subway) train station.

You are welcome to drop by any time, but please email us using the contact form to make an appointment if you'd like to talk to a trainer.